Island Foxes is the featured website of local photographer Oseas Dagdag since 2000. Oseas has been shooting models both professional and amateur since 1995. Island Foxes has been committed to showcasing and promoting some of Hawaii's most beautiful women on the world wide web! As well as covering some of the hottest events and featuring the coolest rides in town! So be sure to check out the site every now and then for new updates on featured models and event coverages! Aloha!!!

In addition, Oseas is available for parties, weddings, event coverages, and location shoots for all your special occasion needs. All services must be booked at least two weeks in advance. Email Oseas at for rates of services.

To book a model shoot or if you're interested in being a featured model or have a cool ride to be showcased on, email TFP shoots are available on a very limited basis only!!!